Scones to Drink with My Tea

It’s been a day full of cooking, so that’s what I’m posting tonight.  Can you believe it…two posts in two days.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of night with some spare time…the rest of the week isn’t so generous.


This morning I went with one of my favorite breakfasts, but decided to dress it up a bit and try a new technique.  Call it laziness, call it a bad habit, but I’ve always made my poached eggs in the microwave.  Yes, yes, I’m sure I’m zapping any nutritional content of my eggs, but it’s just sooo easy!  But for Christmas or Easter I got a couple of rubber cup things, meant to boil poached eggs, so I decided to try using those today!

I’m proud of myself for trying the boiling water on the stove thing, but this too forever!!  Never again will I use these.  I think the skill it takes to make a poached egg in boiling water  and the risk it’ll be at first is well worth the amount of time I’ll save.  Those eggs took like 20 minutes and they still weren’t cooked!  Maybe I didn’t use them correctly?

On the bright side, I had some frozen bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. that I thawed over the weekend to serve as my breakfast “base.”  Some Honey Wheat bread and a little twist that I came across over the weekend…

Yep, you guessed right…a twist with some honey!  I found a recipe that called for poached eggs, sprinkled with salt and pepper, drizzled with some honey.  Now, I’ve been eating poached eggs my entire life and it’s a great “go to” for me.  But after trying this, I can tell you I will never go back to simple egg and toast.

It was amazing!!!  It added more texture and a sweetness that was right on.  Oh, so tasty!!


For lunch today…another salad!  This time I got a little adventurous and took some ideas from my Cooking Light cookbook I mentioned yesterday.   I started with lettuce and onion.

Added some sweet corn right off the cob (thanks mom and dad!)…

Then comes the cilantro…

And some lime juice right from the fruit itself…

And lastly some shredded cheddar cheese.

There was supposed to be black beans, but those darn things wouldn’t cook quick enough, so I was left to finish them after work and forego them in the meal.

Oh…don’t forget the chicken!  I put that in a baggie and warmed it up when I got to work.  You can also see the browning avocado in the Rubbermaid that I’ll add at work.

All in all, pretty delicious!


Since I had a free evening, I tried to do (this is just a second attempt) a homemade pizza from the dough to the sauce.  I never got around to posting anything about the last time I made pizza, but I sort of cheated tonight, because the sauce was leftover from the first time.  Once I remember where I put the recipe, I’ll post it…it was a delicious choice!

Again, I used a recipe from the Cooking Light Cookbook for my dough.  I mixed yeast, honey and water, before mixing in the flour and kneading my dough.

There it is rising!

Next was rolling it out and coming up with an idea for a roller, since I don’t have a rolling pin…a wine bottle it was!  🙂  I forgot a photo of that one, sorry folks!

But, once I rolled out the dough, smeared on some sauce, and topped the pizza, it was ready to go in the oven.

I didn’t mention this, but the last time I did my own dough, I used whole wheat flour.  It turned out ok, but it just wasn’t pizza…you know, like the pizza we just love to order at a restaurant.  So this time I was completely pleased by how it turned out…

Yum…so delicous!  And that Bud Light Lime wasn’t too bad along with it, either. 🙂

And More Cooking…

Well, I told you today was all about cooking.  I had planned to do this Monday, but never got around to it.  Tonight I tried a completely new thing.  I can’t say I’ve really tried them before and I’ve certainly never cooked them, but I make some delicious Blueberry-Pecan Scones.  Yep, you guess it…from the Cooking Light Cookbook.

The were so easy!  Though I’ll admit I did Google a couple of cooking instructions (i.e., cut in the butter, fold in the blueberries).

First step…mix the first 5 ingredients (milk, sugar, lemon zest, 1 egg, and vanilla).

Then mixing the flower, salt, and baking powder, before I cut in the butter.

The butter is cut in, the blueberries and pecans are folded in there…

Throw it on some flour and shape it into a circle.

Cut it into 8-10 slices and place on a baking sheet, covering with beat egg whites and sprinkled with sugar…and place in the oven.

Once they’re light brown and basically at the point I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled them out to admire my first attempt at scones.

So happy how they turned out!

Ok, now I’m tired…all that cooking, all that food, and now my fingers are tired from all the typing.  Time for bed!

Till the next time!

When was the last time you cooked something new and how did it turn out?  Most importantly, what was it?

Can anyone tell me how my mom accomplished 3 meals in a day as a stay-at-home mom with 4 kids (the 5th came way later) at home, and still managed to keep the house clean and all of us dropped off at our various activities?  Maybe when you have kids you’re secretly given some extra hours in the day.  What was that special watch Hermione had in Harry Potter?  Maybe mom’s get one of those.

Ok, yeah…I’m pretty loopy and definitely sleepy.  Night all!


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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Every week I start off by taking some photos, hoping to get a blog post going and then life gets in the way.  It’s not that I don’t see the blog as something important to me, but it’s certainly not my top priority and sometimes I question exactly what I’m getting out of it each day and whether I’m providing anything interesting to those who read it.  So, again on this Monday, I make it my goal to post something that readers can take away.  Plus, I still need to get those posts up about Italy…it’s WAY overdue!!

What a day!  It was productive and enjoyable!  It’s 9 pm, I’m sitting here with a cup of tea, catching up on some television.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but since I’ve started blogging, my mom has been teasing me a bit (all in fun of course) about posting my meals.  I’ll call it a generational thing for now.  I think the reason I post so many meals is because those are the types of blogs I enjoy the most.  Though I try to post as many interesting things as I can…that’s what being an Iowa Farm Girl is, right? 🙂

Remember that massive batch of banana bread I made a while back?  Well, I still have about 5-6 loaves remaining in the freezer, I the other night I pulled one out to thaw.  It’s a great breakfast for mornings when I’m on the run…sort of like today!

With a little bit of butter and a quick 15 seconds in the microwave, I’ve got a tasty, comforting breakfast.

Lunch wasn’t quite as comforting and it was a new idea, but it worked…simple red leaf lettuce, walnuts, dried cranberries, and a tablespoon of red wine vinegar.  I think some feta or blue cheese crumbles would have added a bit of what it was missing.

Oh, and don’t forget the apple and chocolate chip brownie Larabar on the side!!

Now dinner was a new, fun recipe for me.  From the trusty old “The Best of Cooking Light Everyday Favorites,” we tried the Spicy Chicken Pasta.  With no photo, the title made me think of a red sauce with some bold spices, but instead we got a creamy sauce and just enough of a kick to justify the “spicy” part of the title.  That being said, it was delicious!

I didn’t follow the recipe to the tee, as it called for more servings than GW and I needed and I had some leftover chicken I was using, and I think there was a bit more than necessary…not that either of us was complaining!

I had planned on doing a step-by-step, but we were starving by the time we got home, so I hoped to it.  Plus, the recipe went quickly, so I’m not sure I would have been able to take photos anyway.  It all went so fast, here is what I was left with…

Don’t look too close! 🙂

Normally I’m really good about keeping things picked up as I cook, so it’s less work when we’re done eating, but it was clearly not the case tonight!

After dinner I took a quick trip down to my garden plot at the Downtown Community Garden.  A year ago I participated in a project for the Junior League of Des Moines where we planted, grew, and then donated the produce of a garden to Children and Families of Iowa and West Des Moines Childcare.  I wanted to continue gardening this year, so I got my own plot.

(Not the best photo, but that’s what I get with my phone…I promise it looks better in person)!

I have really enjoyed it, though I don’t get down there nearly as often as I would like.  That may be why some of my vegetables look a little weak, such as the cucumbers. 😦 Are you growing a garden this summer?  What’s working and what isn’t?

However, my lettuce and zucchini looks great!  Now if only the zucchini (that I planted way too much of) would start producing.  Here’s one!

In addition to the cucumbers, zucchini, and lettuce, I have some tomato plants, a yellow squash, and beans.  It’s a learning experience and other than helping my grandma as a child, my knowledge is limited.  Someday I’d love to have my own private, full-scale garden in my backyard where I can spend hours with produce and flowers alike.  Oddly, the weeding part is a part a really enjoy; it’s sort of a stress reliever…is that weird?

So after I returned with fresh lettuce, I washed it (used my salad spinner) and stored it in the fridge.

Oh and don’t forget the 4 little green beans I got!

Now it’s on to some dessert…a great recipe from Sheree Clark with Fork in the Road; just a simple raw chocolate dipping sauce, enjoyed with yummy strawberries.

A few weeks ago I finally made it to a great local shop in the East Village to purchase my very own tea steeper.  I bought myself a new mug for work (photo to come later) and just a steeper for home, since I have plenty of mugs and this one hooks on the side of anything.  Along with my Moroccan Mint tea (maybe not the best if I need to be in bed soon), I’m just thrilled I finally took the time to start enjoying the vast amounts of tea they have at Gong Fu.  Goodbye tea bags!

Hmmm…so relaxing. 🙂

Like I said, busy day around here!  I’d love to hear your gardening suggestions…I
already have a list of new things for next year.  What are your favorite vegetables to plant?

Till next time…

P.S. I still owe you some Italy updates…don’t let me forget!


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Animals on Airplanes and Crazy Date Formats…Traveling to Italy

For years I’ve dreamed of traveling to Europe and while I’ve never had a specific destination in mind, I’ve had this desire to just see it all!  About a year ago, my college roommate, LB decided to move to Florence, Italy to teach English and explore life beyond the Midwest.

When she broke the news, I figured it would be a great opportunity to make my first trip overseas.  While I’ve been to Canada and Mexico, from what I understand, those don’t count…especially since I didn’t need a passport to get to either destination.

When LB emailed to say she was ready to come home, I knew it was now or never…so I booked my flight from Des Moines to Italy for one week.  A lot of folks were a little shocked by the short trip, but in my case it was a week in Italy or none at all, so I jumped.

The weekend before I left, GW and I were back in Grinnell for his college reunion, so I really didn’t get to packing until we returned Sunday night.  Basically, I didn’t get much sleep that night, as I rushed to finish laundry, get travel documents in order, clean up any messes I’d left behind, and oh…book my train ticket from Rome to Florence!

My flight took off from Des Moines around 12:30 pm, bound for the Atlanta airport.  Putting forth an effort to keep my meals healthy while abroad, I found a decent lunch spot for an airport…Nature’s Table.

A fairly short layover in Atlanta and I was en route to Rome!

To occupy my time, I had a couple of books, lots of Sudoku and logic game puzzles (yes, I’m a huge nerd), and a journal to record my journey.

Thanks to GW’s friend, BJ for helping me get my nerd on with this one! 🙂

One new experience on this flight was the sharing of precious space with animals.  I was shocked to see the couple across the aisle from me with a small dog in a bag carrier under the seat in front of them.  The dog looked like a miniature poodle (I didn’t have the courage to snap a photo) and it barely moved for the full 9+ hour trip.  I am so impressed.

That wasn’t the case for another animal on the flight.  Our plane sat at the gate for quite a while, no one seemed to know what was going on.  After about a 30-45 minute delay, we were finally told that the barking dog had been removed from the plane.

While that was fantastic since I could still hear it from about 10 rows away, the cat got to stay and it meowed the entire flight to Rome!!!  Unnoticeable after a while, I sure felt bad for the strangers in that row!

It had been a while since I was served an actual meal on the plane.  Here was our dinner…

Not the worst meal I’ve ever had.  They gave us a breakfast as well, as we were nearing Italy.  I forgot to snap a photo of that.

Once off the train and in the Rome airport, I knew I had to find the shuttle to get me to my luggage.  There were a large number of Americans headed in the same direction, so I followed along, trying to understand some of the more recognizable words on the signs.  (I totally should have learned a few things before traveling there).  We all hoped on the shuttle and after just 2 minutes, the doors opened.  No one seemed sure of what
to do, so we figured our stop was probably next.  That was until the car changed directions and headed straight back from where we came from!  Oops!  So, we stayed on for the 3rd (and final) 2-minute ride to the baggage claim and customs.

After all that, which honestly went pretty smoothly, there was a small train station that would take us to the larger train station (where I had my ticket already purchased).  After jumping from one line to another, trying to decide whether efficiency or accuracy was better, I found a small booth that sold tickets to Tremini Station, the main train station in Rome.  Fourteen Euros later and some pretty lucky timing, I was on the Leonardo Express headed for downtown Rome.

I arrived in one piece, took a few minutes to look around before trying to find some signs or some people who looked like they might direct me towards the right train platform.

After getting directed to a board of arrivals and departures, I found that I would be departing from platform #5.  The trains from the airport were quite a ways from the main part of the train station (at least it felt that way), so after about 15 minutes, I finally figured out where I was going and I hoping on carriage #7 to find my seat.

This is where things got a little dicey.  I appeared that someone was in my seat…a sweet Italian couple who spoke no English who showed me their ticket and the fact that it had the same seat number.  An Australian women (who’s name I never asked) knew a little Italian and tried her best to help.  Everyone in the area agreed that I was on the right train, in the correct carriage, and that both me and the sweet little man had the same seat number.

After searching for a train employee, I returned to find an empty seat across from the Australian woman.  Apparently a gentleman had the wrong seat, so I sat there and finally took a moment to breathe.  Phew!

I started to drift off…after taking this picture of course…

…when I was awoken to a train employee making his rounds to validate tickets.  I handed him mine, while trying to tell him I had the same seat as another, when I heard “we have a problem.”  I think that may have been the only English he knew.  Australian woman (AW from now on) tried her best to help, explaining that another man had moved, so they had me sit there since it was clear there were two people assigned to the same seat.

Well, that wasn’t really the case.  So here’s what happened…it appears that the  only one of a few (if not the only) country to use the date format month/day/year.  I guess most countries use day/month/year, which makes more logical sense, right?

Anyway, when booking my ticket for June 7, I accidentally booked it for July 6.  Well, take note…the man showed me that to purchase a new ticket while on the train would cost me 95 Euros (that’s $136 folks!)!  Instead, he had me give him 8 Euros and let me keep my seat.  Good thing, because we were already 20 minutes from Rome and I’m not sure how I would have found my way through that beautiful countryside.

Two hours after leaving from Rome, I made it to Florence!  I lugged my bags off the train and found LB waiting on the train platform for me.  After hugs, we headed to her place before we started our week of adventures.

Well, more to come, but here is a teaser photo.

Until next time!


What horror stories do you have from traveling to foreign lands?

If you could go anywhere in Europe, where would it be?  Or where is your favorite city in Europe?

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Holy Banana Bread!

Wow, it’s been a while since I last blogged…my apologizes.  But, I can promise that have a lot to update you on!  I’ve got a baking fest of banana bread, a week in Italy, and my first triathlon.  Maybe by the end of this week I’ll have you all up-to-date.  (I’ll cross my fingers when I’m not typing).

Italy is certainly the most exciting part of my June, but in order to stay on track, we’ll go chronologically and start with the banana bread fest.

Here’s the deal – every time I pick up a bunch of bananas, I inevitably have 1 or 2 that don’t make it into a stomach before they’re pretty brown.  So, I throw them in the freezer promising myself I’ll use them in smoothies or banana bread.  Well, I was pretty stocked up.

It turns out that every Friday, we have a staff meeting and someone volunteers to bring in a breakfast of some sort for everyone.  My massive amount of frozen bananas meant only one thing…a banana bread baking fest!  I, of course, decided to use my mom’s recipe that we all love.

When I said I had a lot of bananas, I wasn’t kidding!

I figured it would be easier to cut and blend if I had them thawed out a bit…plus it might save my sensitive fingers some chilling pain.

Next step…find all my ingredients and pray I have enough for the seven (yes, 7!) batches I was planning to bake.

Start with one cup of sugar…

Add 2 eggs…

Next, 2/3 cup of vegetable oil…

Now the more difficult and messy part.  My mom’s recipe calls for 2 large bananas.  Since I had so many bananas and none were that large, I went with 3 for the batch.  Plus I love bananas so I certainly don’t need to mask the taste.

Yes, I know there are only 2 shown here…created a prettier and simpler photo. 🙂

I find it’s easier (especially if they’re frozen) to cut the banana in half and then in half long ways.  Instead of having to peel the skins off and end up with frozen fingers and gunk in your finger nails, the banana almost pops right out this way.

Next we mix…

Don’t forget to get the oven ready at 350 degrees!

And we’re done mixing…

Add 2 cups of flour…

1 teaspoon of baking soda…

And a dash of salt!

Ok, so here is the optional ingredient…walnuts.  Personally I like the nuts and that’s what I grew up with.  Since I was making some of this for staff at work, I chose to do some with and some without.

I tried my best to wash everything in between nuts and no-nuts, but let’s just say I’m glad no one at the office is deathly allergic to walnuts.  No wonder a lot of nutrition labels indicate that their products are made or packaged where peanuts (or is it all nuts?) are also made and/or packaged…it’s hard work to keep things separate!

So the walnuts.  The recipe calls for 2/3 cup of chopped walnuts.

And to make the chopping easy, my Pampered Chef Chopper, also familiar as the Slap Chop!

Just put those babies in with the thing upside down, put on the lid, chop away, and you’re left with nicely chopped nuts and very little mess.

To prevent any mess, just be sure to take the lid off while above your bowl of mixture!

Back to mixing!

And mixing…

I’ve never done it before, but this time I decided to mix things up a little and try some banana bread muffins, along with my loaves.

But the first batch went into the loaf pans…

And into the oven…

Recommended cooking time is 30-40 minutes.

A nice little trick I learned growing up is to stick a knife in the middle when the timer buzzes.  If the knife comes out with dough on it, they need a little longer and if the knife is clean, you’re good to go!  These particular batches were taking closer to 40 minutes to finish completely.

For the muffins, however, those took much less time and the first batch out of the oven was for taste-testing purposes.  GW decided that muffins were definitely the way to go…good to know for the next bake fest!

As the loaves and muffins were coming out, I’d let them cool briefly, take a spatula around the edges to loosen things up a bit, and then get them onto the cooling rack.

Did I mention that using some sort of non-stick grease, Pam spray, or a bit of oil would keep things from sticking too much?  Yeah, that’s probably because I normally forget that very helpful step myself.  This time I was a little more on top of it, so I consider myself lucky!

I just kept baking…

and baking…

Can you see the plastic bags of batches 1 and 2?  Those are batches 3 and 4 sitting on the rack.  Another thing I neglected to mention…each batch makes 2 loaves, or a loaf and a muffin pan, or two muffin pans.

Oh yeah, and baking…

Before finally (around midnight) I was completely finished.  My freezer was clear of bananas (yup…7 batches x 3 bananas in each = 21 bananas were gone), my kitchen was clean, all the bread was finished, cooled, and bagged…and I was finally off to bed!

Which is exactly what I’m headed to now…bed.

Until tomorrow (and the start of Italy updates!)…


What is your favorite bread recipe?  Or maybe your favorite family recipe?

Other suggestions for using extra ripe (aka brown) bananas?


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Training for My First Triathlon

Another successful workout this morning at the pool.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as well for the afternoon workout.  Yep, I’ve decided to dive in and sign up for my first triathlon.  It’s a sprint distance, so I think I’ll be ok physically.  It’s the mental part of open-water swimming and the transitions I’m a little worried about.  Good think I have a lot of support from friends!

Here is my schedule for the next 5 weeks:

Week         Mon       Tue       Wed           Thur           Fri      Sat        Sun

May 23   Swim 21   Rest   Swim 28   Swim 35   Bike 70  Rest    Run 35
Bike 42                Run 23

May 30   Swim 23   Rest   Swim 31   Swim 39    Bike 77  Rest   Run 39
Bike 46                Run 23

Jun3 6    Italy          Italy     Italy          Italy           Italy      Italy    Italy

Jun 13   Swim 18   Rest    Swim 26    Swim 31    Bike 62    Rest  Run 31
Bike 37                                                      Run 18

Jun 20  Swim 14   Rest    Bike 46       Swim 23    Rest        Rest    Race
Bike 28                Run 14

At least these are the workouts I’m planning to get in each week…not necessarily in this order.

Thanks to JH for the website suggestion containing training plans…  I’ve pulled this from the last four weeks of their swim-heavy sprint triathlon plan.  Those numbers are the minutes I’m supposed to spend running, swimming, and biking.  The workouts highlighted in red are workouts that should be done as a “brick,” or back-to-back.  Sorry for the poor format.  I’m still learning how to paste charts into my posts.  Suggestions?

For instance, Monday’s “Swim 21, Bike 42” workout indicates doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Farther down, the “Swim 18, Bike 37” indicates doing a swim, immediately followed by the bike.  We’ll see how this goes!

Uneventful day at work and in the world of meals.  Scrambled eggs with salsa for breakfast.

Salad for lunch, which was not the best I’ve had.  I was trying to clean up some things so here is a list of the ingredients:

– Lettuce (of course)
– Fresh salsa (getting pretty tangy by this point)
– Peas (probably a weird addition)
– Chopped walnuts
– Dried cranberries.

While I was preparing my lettuce, I went ahead and cut up the whole head and divided it into bowls for the rest of the week.

With such an early morning at the pool, I had a lot of extra time to be busy…and relax.

I prepped for the week (lettuce bowls that is).  Washed and spun it before dividing into the bowls…

I did the Sudoku puzzle.

Don’t tell anyone, but I occasionally (ok more often than that) read the Dear Abby section.  I like to see if my response is the same as hers…plus sometimes the questions remind me that life isn’t really too bad!

I even had a few minutes to get started on the crossword puzzle.  A lot of mornings I’ll bring it to work to continue my attempt while I eat lunch.  Plus, doing it at the beginning of the week means it’s a heck of a lot easier than Sunday mornings. 🙂

This evening I meant to get out on the bike, but with the rain, I ended up staying at work a little later and not getting home in time.  Instead I headed to Great Harvest Bread Co. for the first time and picked up a couple of loaves of bread.  I can’t wait to try them!  I’ve been meaning to stop by there for like the past year, but when Groupon had a deal, I just couldn’t resist. Thank you Groupon!

Then a trip to Hy-Vee to stock up for the week and weekend, before a New Leaders Council meeting and then off to the I-Cubs game with YPC!  A busy evening indeed!

Highlights from the night:

Corn dog!!

Oh, and a Coors Light to wash it down.

Watching some of the crew sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”

Check out the pizza mascot…gotta love Casey’s Pizza!

And some great views of the Capitol behind the field.

The pictures don’t do it justice…next time I’ll bring the good camera.

Ok, enough from me tonight!

Sweet Dreams!


What is your morning routine?  Do you admit to reading Dear Abby? 🙂

Do you use GroupOn and LivingSocial?  What’s the best deal you’ve found?



The Start of My Daily Walks

What a weekend and what a long Monday…! GW and I headed to Cedar Rapids for the weekend to spend some time with family and we joined friends of mine from high school celebrate a wedding. It was great to catch up with so many people and I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll get the rest of my energy back. 🙂

In an effort to get back into a routine, MB and I got out for a nice 4+ mile run this morning at Gray’s Lake. Since the last time I’ve been out there, it has been transformed! They’ve planted flowers and plants, all the trees look beautiful with their full green leaves, and other than a touch of humidity (go figure, we are in Iowa), it was a pleasant run. A quick one, also! We must have been enjoying it because by the time we were done, we ended with an average pace of 8:20…not too shabby!

I was pleasantly reminded this morning that I had baked some chicken breasts last week, so lunch was a cinch today! A small baked chicken breast with some fresh leftover salsa, and black beans…easy and tasty!

Starting this week, I’ve got some of my co-workers joining me for a short 15-20 minute afternoon walk. I find myself spending so much time inside, that I need a chance to enjoy the nice weather, and it serves as a great refresher and motivator for the end of the day.

Today it was just me and my i-pod with a trip down to the East Village and back. Oh and me looking goofy in my tennis shoes and pencil skirt.

Gorgeous views and a nice breeze, but I was still sweating like crazy when I got back!

Eleven minutes down and eleven minutes back…with a 5 minute stop into GW’s office to say hi!

For my evening excitement? Board meeting and a stop to Gateway Market for my first try of the Turkey Bacon Sandwich…Grant’s favorite! And of course some laundry.

It was good.  I’m not sure I’m as hooked as GW, but I’d certainly order it again.  The portion size was perfect…though maybe a little late to be eating (9 pm).

Well, I’m off to bed.  I’m meeting MB again tomorrow, except this time for a swim!  Tomorrow I’ll post my 5 week training schedule for the sprint triathlon I planning to do.  I should probably sign up for that, huh? 🙂

Sweet Dreams!


What do you think about eating late?  Is it better to eat late or go to bed famished?

How do you get refreshed during the day, especially for those of you who spend your day at a desk?

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Pop Tarts!

Another guest with us tonight!  GW’s buddy from college is in town from Iowa City for the night, following a work event.  That means we’re going out for dinner!  I suppose I could have cooked (I really do enjoy cooking), but Grant suggested going out so I pounced!  Plus, I have a to-do list that’s longer than my arm.  Ok, I don’t know about that, but it’s definitely a long one.  It gave me more time to be productive.

One thing that is not getting done tonight and might not get done until next week is garden planting.  I know, I know…It’s awfully late to be getting things in, but gardening for me is like running.  Sometimes I just have a hard time getting my butt outside to do it.  Once I’m out there, I never want to stop.   I’m thinking it might be next week before I get around to it because it sounds like rain this weekend.

Back to food…

Restaurant choice?  A good go-to, The Continental.  It’s close to home, the meals have good proportions and they have a wide array of libation options.  Of course I forgot to snap a photo, but I did try their lasagna.  Not the best I’ve had, but good.  It had like a layer of bread, or something that was pasta/bread like, which was interesting but definitely not disappointing.

Insert forgotten photo [here].

Breakfast recently has been a bit of indulging.  My excuse?  Cleaning things up in the cupboards.  Today was pop tarts!  Now, when was the last time you had a pop tart?  I know I had them pre-race, but eating them during the week made me feel a bit guilty…and then I took a bite and didn’t care anymore. 🙂

Lunch was more cleaning things up…baked chicken with avocado, and some mango salsa from the weekend.  Pretty tasty!

Good news for the day…I got a second monitor at work!  I’m totally loving this dual monitors
thing!  We’ll see how long that lasts,
but I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

Ok, I’m off to bed early tonight.  Early morning run with a couple of friends!

Sweet Dreams…


Have you used dual monitors?  Fan or no fan?

What’s your favorite pop tart flavor?


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