Scones to Drink with My Tea

It’s been a day full of cooking, so that’s what I’m posting tonight.  Can you believe it…two posts in two days.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of night with some spare time…the rest of the week isn’t so generous.


This morning I went with one of my favorite breakfasts, but decided to dress it up a bit and try a new technique.  Call it laziness, call it a bad habit, but I’ve always made my poached eggs in the microwave.  Yes, yes, I’m sure I’m zapping any nutritional content of my eggs, but it’s just sooo easy!  But for Christmas or Easter I got a couple of rubber cup things, meant to boil poached eggs, so I decided to try using those today!

I’m proud of myself for trying the boiling water on the stove thing, but this too forever!!  Never again will I use these.  I think the skill it takes to make a poached egg in boiling water  and the risk it’ll be at first is well worth the amount of time I’ll save.  Those eggs took like 20 minutes and they still weren’t cooked!  Maybe I didn’t use them correctly?

On the bright side, I had some frozen bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. that I thawed over the weekend to serve as my breakfast “base.”  Some Honey Wheat bread and a little twist that I came across over the weekend…

Yep, you guessed right…a twist with some honey!  I found a recipe that called for poached eggs, sprinkled with salt and pepper, drizzled with some honey.  Now, I’ve been eating poached eggs my entire life and it’s a great “go to” for me.  But after trying this, I can tell you I will never go back to simple egg and toast.

It was amazing!!!  It added more texture and a sweetness that was right on.  Oh, so tasty!!


For lunch today…another salad!  This time I got a little adventurous and took some ideas from my Cooking Light cookbook I mentioned yesterday.   I started with lettuce and onion.

Added some sweet corn right off the cob (thanks mom and dad!)…

Then comes the cilantro…

And some lime juice right from the fruit itself…

And lastly some shredded cheddar cheese.

There was supposed to be black beans, but those darn things wouldn’t cook quick enough, so I was left to finish them after work and forego them in the meal.

Oh…don’t forget the chicken!  I put that in a baggie and warmed it up when I got to work.  You can also see the browning avocado in the Rubbermaid that I’ll add at work.

All in all, pretty delicious!


Since I had a free evening, I tried to do (this is just a second attempt) a homemade pizza from the dough to the sauce.  I never got around to posting anything about the last time I made pizza, but I sort of cheated tonight, because the sauce was leftover from the first time.  Once I remember where I put the recipe, I’ll post it…it was a delicious choice!

Again, I used a recipe from the Cooking Light Cookbook for my dough.  I mixed yeast, honey and water, before mixing in the flour and kneading my dough.

There it is rising!

Next was rolling it out and coming up with an idea for a roller, since I don’t have a rolling pin…a wine bottle it was!  🙂  I forgot a photo of that one, sorry folks!

But, once I rolled out the dough, smeared on some sauce, and topped the pizza, it was ready to go in the oven.

I didn’t mention this, but the last time I did my own dough, I used whole wheat flour.  It turned out ok, but it just wasn’t pizza…you know, like the pizza we just love to order at a restaurant.  So this time I was completely pleased by how it turned out…

Yum…so delicous!  And that Bud Light Lime wasn’t too bad along with it, either. 🙂

And More Cooking…

Well, I told you today was all about cooking.  I had planned to do this Monday, but never got around to it.  Tonight I tried a completely new thing.  I can’t say I’ve really tried them before and I’ve certainly never cooked them, but I make some delicious Blueberry-Pecan Scones.  Yep, you guess it…from the Cooking Light Cookbook.

The were so easy!  Though I’ll admit I did Google a couple of cooking instructions (i.e., cut in the butter, fold in the blueberries).

First step…mix the first 5 ingredients (milk, sugar, lemon zest, 1 egg, and vanilla).

Then mixing the flower, salt, and baking powder, before I cut in the butter.

The butter is cut in, the blueberries and pecans are folded in there…

Throw it on some flour and shape it into a circle.

Cut it into 8-10 slices and place on a baking sheet, covering with beat egg whites and sprinkled with sugar…and place in the oven.

Once they’re light brown and basically at the point I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled them out to admire my first attempt at scones.

So happy how they turned out!

Ok, now I’m tired…all that cooking, all that food, and now my fingers are tired from all the typing.  Time for bed!

Till the next time!

When was the last time you cooked something new and how did it turn out?  Most importantly, what was it?

Can anyone tell me how my mom accomplished 3 meals in a day as a stay-at-home mom with 4 kids (the 5th came way later) at home, and still managed to keep the house clean and all of us dropped off at our various activities?  Maybe when you have kids you’re secretly given some extra hours in the day.  What was that special watch Hermione had in Harry Potter?  Maybe mom’s get one of those.

Ok, yeah…I’m pretty loopy and definitely sleepy.  Night all!


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