The Start of My Daily Walks

What a weekend and what a long Monday…! GW and I headed to Cedar Rapids for the weekend to spend some time with family and we joined friends of mine from high school celebrate a wedding. It was great to catch up with so many people and I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll get the rest of my energy back. 🙂

In an effort to get back into a routine, MB and I got out for a nice 4+ mile run this morning at Gray’s Lake. Since the last time I’ve been out there, it has been transformed! They’ve planted flowers and plants, all the trees look beautiful with their full green leaves, and other than a touch of humidity (go figure, we are in Iowa), it was a pleasant run. A quick one, also! We must have been enjoying it because by the time we were done, we ended with an average pace of 8:20…not too shabby!

I was pleasantly reminded this morning that I had baked some chicken breasts last week, so lunch was a cinch today! A small baked chicken breast with some fresh leftover salsa, and black beans…easy and tasty!

Starting this week, I’ve got some of my co-workers joining me for a short 15-20 minute afternoon walk. I find myself spending so much time inside, that I need a chance to enjoy the nice weather, and it serves as a great refresher and motivator for the end of the day.

Today it was just me and my i-pod with a trip down to the East Village and back. Oh and me looking goofy in my tennis shoes and pencil skirt.

Gorgeous views and a nice breeze, but I was still sweating like crazy when I got back!

Eleven minutes down and eleven minutes back…with a 5 minute stop into GW’s office to say hi!

For my evening excitement? Board meeting and a stop to Gateway Market for my first try of the Turkey Bacon Sandwich…Grant’s favorite! And of course some laundry.

It was good.  I’m not sure I’m as hooked as GW, but I’d certainly order it again.  The portion size was perfect…though maybe a little late to be eating (9 pm).

Well, I’m off to bed.  I’m meeting MB again tomorrow, except this time for a swim!  Tomorrow I’ll post my 5 week training schedule for the sprint triathlon I planning to do.  I should probably sign up for that, huh? 🙂

Sweet Dreams!


What do you think about eating late?  Is it better to eat late or go to bed famished?

How do you get refreshed during the day, especially for those of you who spend your day at a desk?


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