Chicken Enchiladas

GW invited one of his friends over for dinner tonight, so we went with tomorrow night’s dinner plan and made chicken enchiladas one night earlier.  That means pasta and veggies tomorrow night!

I found a recipe laying around for veggie enchiladas, but I can’t say I followed much more than their suggestion of veggies.  Luckily I had a lot of leftover peppers and tomatoes from Friday night’s fajita-themed Pampered Chef party!  So for the enchiladas…roma tomatoes, green, red, and orange peppers, a jalapeno (didn’t realize it was until I tried a bite…wowza!), corn, black beans, and some squeezed lime sauce.

I threw the chicken in a pan on the stove since I didn’t feel like going out to the balcony where we currently have a nest of birds that should be on their way out soon.  At least they seem to be getting older…does louder and more annoyed equate to age in a bird?

Ten minutes later, I had some chicken ready to chop up.  Veggies got about 10 minutes to soften up in the chicken pan, and then I started filling some tortilla shells, placing them in a row, and adding a ton of cheese!

To keep me company during the wait for dinner…that’s right, wine!  And some chocolate of course!

Oh, and my camera. See, GW, I use it all the time!  For your viewing pleasure, I took some snapshots of some of my favorite kitchen items, which all happen to be gifts.

Tea Pot – gift from Mom for Christmas when I moved into my own place for the first time.

Ladle holder in the shape of a pig – given to me by Grandma J.  Growing up on a hog farm, we tend to have a large number of pig-shaped knick knacks.  As a child I used to try counting everything in her house that was pig-themed.  Yeah, I was a bit of a nerd.  Oh, and the pig below is missing the curly tail that used to be there…I still think he’s pretty cute.

Oven mits – gift from Mom last year for Christmas.  These were a great find at one of my favorite East Village stores…Ephemera!

Candle – a gift from myself. 🙂  Also from Ephemera!

By the time I finished the fashion show for my kitchen, enchiladas were finished, I had the fixings ready to go, and GW and JO were home to enjoy!

Now I’m full, a little sleepy from the wine, and thinking it’s a great night to get to sleep a bit early…

Sweet Dreams!


What is the best gift you’ve got recently?

Did your Grandma or Grandpa have any unique collections you
used to awe over?


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