Two Years with GW…Awww

I know it’s weird, but I like Mondays.  It’s always a chance for me to renew my motivation for the week.  After a weekend of unhealthy and over-portioned food, drinks with friends, and spending too much time on the couch catching up with my DVR, I welcome a return to my routine.  I did get a run in over the weekend, but I can promise you that was the ONLY healthy part of my weekend.

A little disclaimer before I get going here…I had most of this post written and when I went to get the photos from my camera, I lost them.  Almost an hour of looking up free recovery programs online had me frustrated, but not angry enough to spend $20 to find 6 pictures of a couple of meals.  Sorry, folks!  I’ll do my best to find stock photos and I promise to do better tomorrow (yes, that’s a promise to be better about posting also).


This week is Bike to Work Week in Des Moines!

It was my intention to get up early and ride with a group of people for a Kick-Off event, but that snooze button got in my way, so I went with a workout video instead.  Now, I’m not usually one that likes workout videos (in the two years I’ve had this, this was my second time using it), but it is certainly convenient.  Plus, Jillian Michaels is pretty motivating.  If only she could motivate me to pop the video in more than once a year.

I think the hardest part is that the apartment doesn’t have any large spaces to do anything too crazy. I can fit my yoga mat on the floor of the “multi-purpose” room, but it’s
a tight fit for sure!


After eating at Red Lobster with GW last night…the first trip there since we’ve started dating, I needed to cut back a bit.  (Speaking of GW, today we celebrate 2 years
of dating…aww 🙂

So this morning I stuck to fruit and my usual glass of milk with vitamins.  Plus, we have planned a nice dinner at our DSM favorite, Skips, tonight.  It’s not the fanciest place, but it’s where GW took me for our first date and we LOVE their chicken nachos!  If that’s not enough we throw in their chicken quesadilla and some appetizer plates to share.  Plus, by this point most of the waitresses know our order by heart.  I’m sure they have some wonderful things on the menu, but I wouldn’t know. 🙂

Anyway…breakfast. (Yep, here was supposed to be one of the photos I lost).


Forgot to snap a photo, but it was nothing too exciting…baked chicken with avocado (that was nearing its spoil date), and some salsa.  Remember that when I mentioned
that Hy-Vee wasn’t carrying my favorite salsa anymore?  Well, I’ve been trying some different varieties to see what compares.  Today I
tried Mrs. Renfro’s Roasted… for the first time.  It was ok, but still not at good as Papio’s Basket Gifts Garden Salsa.

I guess I’ll keep trying!


Are you much of a list person?  I am obsessed with lists, organizing, and basically planning anything I can.  Though sometimes I find that I spend more time planning and organizing than actually doing.  Case in point…today I spent more time updating my very long to-do list than I did actually doing things on it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I accomplished a lot that wasn’t actually on the list, but it was everyday tasks (responding to phone messages and emails, catching up with scheduling, etc).

Any suggestions on how to get past this roadblock?

Dinner and Dessert

Skips, oh how I adore thee!  We totally went for the nachos tonight, and a glass of wine for me :).  We were totally stuffed from dinner and passed on dessert.  Happy Anniversary GW!

Being that we were near the grocery store, we stopped for a few things and to drop off some recycling before heading home, where I enjoyed another glass of wine and some chocolate…followed by episodes of Family Guy.  (This is one show GW and I can agree on).


What was supposed to turn into an early night on the pillow became a frustrated lady searching for photos.  So I’m finally going to stop boring you with a post without photos and hit the hay.

Sweet Dreams!


Suggestions on the productivity block?  What’s your motto for getting things done?

Any suggestions for not losing photos?  (Other than using the copy function instead of cut?)



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2 responses to “Two Years with GW…Awww

  1. Andrea C

    Label your to do list with A, B, C according to priorities. Complete the A’s 1st and then move on and commit to completing one B itme and one A item each day, that way you get the most important things done first and a couple of the less pressing things accomplished as well.

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