Twas the Night Before…the Race

When my good friend, AC asked me about running a spring marathon, I first remembered how awful I felt at the end of and after the first and most recent race.  But the competitive side of me decided that I had to do better than the first race.  So,Lincoln it was.

Something on my bucket list (are you surprised I have another list?) is visiting all 50 capitol buildings in theU.S.  I wish I could say I’ve got a good start.  Fortunately, I haven’t visited any before I could appreciate it.  I know the Iowa Capitol intimately and as of today, I’ve gotten a chance to visit the Nebraska Capitol. 

We realized that my two marathons are both in capital cities (Des Moines and Lincoln).  So I plan to make a list of all 51 capital cities and begin the process of brainstorming marathons in each city.  The ultimate goal will be Boston, because that requires more than a sign-up fee. 🙂

AC and I left for Lincoln this morning thinking we’d need a lot of time to find our way around the town and get our packets.  Boy, were we wrong!  We made it to Lincoln in good time, picked up our packets, found lunch at Noodles and Company, checked into the hotel, took a tour (details to come)…all before heading to dinner a little later.  There was a little of wandering around involved as well…how could we not enjoy the nice weather!?

Since AC was kind enough to drive (props to volunteering, since she’ll have to drive back, too!), I brought food for snack and breakfast. 


Oh, and bagels were in the mini fridge. 

Best part of the trip?  A tour of the Nebraska State Capitol!

So very different from the Iowa Capitol, but beautiful all the same.  Did you know Nebraska is the only state in the nation with a unicameral legislature?  It’s non-partisan, which presents its own pros and cons. 🙂

Here are some photos I snapped during the tour from our great tour guide, Jamison!

 Another great part of our day?  A good restaurant find! 

More pasta…gotta love tapering and carb loading!!

We sprang to our feet, to the A Team gave a whistle,
And away we flew like a runner out of the blocks.
We heard the crowd yell with all of their might,
“Way to go runners…only 26.2 miles to go!!”

Yeah, that’s me trying to pull us back to my title. 🙂

Sweet Dreams!


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