Preping for the Race

So much to catch up on from the past week or so and good news from the weekend!

There are certainly pros and cons about the last few weeks of marathon training.  Here’s my list:

– shorter runs
– more time to spend doing other things
– mornings sleeping in and generally more sleep
– getting to eat the same amount of calories and carb loading!!

– feeling like a pig when you’ve been training so hard for so long
– forcing myself to down water every second I can think about it…oh and the bathroom breaks
– feeling a bit lazy only doing short runs
– the nerves about the race

So, here are some snapshots from preparation…

Breakfast on Wednesday

And a not so healthy snack. 🙂

Dinner that night was tacos…thanks GW for getting the taco meat ready!

For Thursday, I slept in and didn’t have much time to do anything fancy.  Banana, milk, vitamins, and a leftover colored egg from Easter.  I’m not sure if this is healthy, but it sure was delicious and I didn’t have to boil it myself!

Thursday lunch was a delicious salad.  I was out of dried cranberries, and during a trip to Target, decided to see what they would have.  This was about the only thing that didn’t have too many unnatural ingredients, so I tried these and the crunchy strawberries.  Not the best snack, but a few blueberries on my salad I can take.  I can’t say I will purchase them again.  By the way, they’re freeze dried…new to me!

And for a snack…my favorite Larabar!  Peanut Butter Cookie!

For dinner we went to Django…yum, yum, yum!!  Many thanks to GW for a nice evening out. 🙂

Friday consisted of our morning staff social (yep…Brueggers!), Flour for lunch (delicious!), and yep…frozen pizza for dinner!

So, like I said…pros and cons about tapering, but it’s hard to beat all that tasty food!

Now, we’re off to Nebraska!


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