Run for Fun? What!?

Where is all this rain coming from!?  I woke up early to run this morning (I swear I did!) and it was raining cats and dogs…or at least that’s what I think I saw.  Either way, it seemed excuse enough to get an extra hour of sleep.  Not only could I sleep in, but it’s always a shorter prepping process if I’m not a sweaty mess. 

Since I was able to locate my lost motivation yesterday, I made up for the run after work.  Trying to avoid being mistaken for a speedy Grand Blue Mile runner, I took the long way around downtown.  It was gorgeous weather and what was meant to be a four miler, quickly turned into a five…I guess I just really wanted to keep running!  Because I always seem to be training for a race, I often forget how nice it is to just get out and run for the fun of it.  I suppose today’s extra mile might have had something to do with my guilt about the smorgasbord over the weekend. 😉

This weekend is bitter sweet.  I absolutely love the Drake On-the-Roads Half Marathon.  I had a PR (personal record) last year and it was the last half I’ve ran.  Since I ran at Drake as a high school track runner, it brings back some great memories, especially when they run you through the stadium. 

Speaking of running through the stadium, this weekend’s Lincoln Marathon finishes on the University of Nebraska football field (Memorial Stadium, I believe)…right on the Big N.  Someone suggested today that I should drop a bunch of Hawkeye confetti as I cross the finish line to bring good luck to the Hawkeyes come November.  I’ll have to mull that over a little (insert cackle). 

So I totally rewarded myself for going all day yesterday without chocolate.  I forgot to snap a photo at lunch, but I went with some folks from work to Palmer’s Deli and along with my cup of chili and half albacore tuna sandwich, I enjoyed a large chocolate chip cookie.  Yum!

Breakfast was uneventful, but as usual, delic!


I took lunch, but was only a few bites in when the boss-man suggested a few of us go grab lunch off campus.  Looks like I have my lunch ready for tomorrow!


Dinner was late, quick, and also a forgotten photo.  We went simple tonight and threw together some spaghetti with mushrooms.  I finally finished up the non-whole grain spaghetti!  Back to my Barilla pasta!

Another reward…I suppose for getting out on that run after work and for the extra mile (at least that’s what I’ll tell myself), I had a couple pieces of Easter candy.  It’s not like we don’t have enough!  Check out our freezer!  GW likes his peanut butter cups frozen.  I think I agree.


Yes, you saw that right.  It’s an entire shelf in our freezer door FULL of candy!

Well, I’m off to bed.  Up early for a run with MB!

Sweet Dreams!


What is your favorite race?

Is it hard for you to get out and run “for fun?”



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4 responses to “Run for Fun? What!?

  1. Good luck with your marathon. I went to college in Davenport and worked in Iowa City for three years. I still have friends back there I visit. You go girl!

    • Thanks! It’s a great state to live in! The fried chicken looks delicious…a recipe I’ll have to try after the race is over and I’m able to walk again. 🙂

  2. Julian West

    Race on Sunday? Have fun! I laughed out loud at the Hawkeye confetti idea. You need to do something in light of the first Farmageddon this Fall.

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