I Found My Motivation and Will Power

What a busy past couple of weeks it’s been!  I’ve been to Chicago and Cedar Rapids twice.  Somewhere between Grinnell and Joliet I misplaced my motivation and will power.  Between the amount of food and drinks, mixed with my need for sleep, I’ve dropped the ball on a number of my training runs.  Granted, it’s during tapering, but there is a plan for a reason.  At this point, I’m hoping the few short (and slow) runs this week, along with my positive attitude 🙂 will pull me through 26.2 miles on Sunday!  I can’t believe it’s almost here!

Good news!  My motivation and will power has returned.  Maybe all I needed was a weekend visiting family and a lot of food to remind me how uncomfortable it is to stuff myself. 🙂

Check out some of the feast(s)!  (That’s right…there was more than one.  Three actually!)

Believe me…that was only the half of it!

Today I got back on track and can you believe it, I made it through the day without a bite of chocolate.  I might be addicted…I probably thought about it 200 times today.  I’ll treat myself to some tomorrow as a reward.

I started out with a 6 mile run.  The weather was great and without paying too much attention to my pace, I ended up with an 8:31 minute pace per mile…not too shabby!

Breakfast was a bunch of fruit.  Grapes, banana, and then an apple mid-morning.  Of course my daily cup of tea.  Today was Tazo China Green Tips


Lunch was my usual salad.  My black beans went old in the fridge, so I stuck with red pepper, corn, and salsa.  Simple but delicious.


As usual I had my Larabar for a snack.  And A LOT of water since I need to start hydrating for Sunday!


Dinner was some left over vegetable lasagna from last week.  It definitely didn’t look as good today, so here’s a look at the dish right out of the oven…something that didn’t make it onto the blog.  Thanks Aunt Linda (or should I say LS)!


Well, it’s past my bedtime.  I’m up for another run in the morning…if it’s not raining that is. 🙂

Sweet Dreams!


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