Spring Cleaning (Out the Cupboards)

I didn’t get off to a successful start with blogging today.  I grabbed a shot of my un-impressionable breakfast, forgot both lunch and the cookie I ate, but to make up for it, I’ve got some step-by-steps of dinner. 


GW has class till late on Tuesdays this semester and we were lucky enough to get out of work at a decent time today.  Since I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, I got in a nice 8-miler this afternoon.  I must have really been enjoying myself, because I finished with an 8:18 minute pace!  Not normal for me, but I wonder if not starting from sleep (like during my morning runs) helped give me a head start.  Every time I checked my pace, I reminded myself to slow down…opps.

I almost always work out in the morning because either I don’t know what my afternoon and evening will look like, or by the time I finish with my day, the last thing I want to do is exercise.  Hence many 5 am and 6 am mornings for me.  That being said, the weather is changing and it’s getting really nice outside so A) that means more people out running, making me jealous I’m stuck inside and B) it’s not too hot to run in the afternoon (yet). 

So before dinner, I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement.  Since it’s light out, I’m more comfortable on the trails, and I can avoid the evening traffic and stop lights.  Des Moines has some great trails and I am lucky enough to have great access.

Have you ever had a blood orange??  The high school intern in our office, KF, had one and shared a piece with me today.  Tastes just like an orange, but the name of the fruit freaked me out a bit. 


According to Wikipedia, these are smaller, tougher fruits than a typical orange.  It evolved from the sweet orange, unlike the typical orange which is a cross between a pomelo and tangerine.  The maroon color comes from low temperature over night during the growth period.  Way more than you wanted to know, sorry. 

Oh and of course my usual snack…and my absolute FAVORITE Larabar…Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip!



What you’ve really been looking for in this post.  Dinner was nothing fancy and after doing a clean-out of my cupboards over the weekend, I am trying to use some of those things that have been hanging around too long, or things like pasta that I have entirely too much of.  Until I have a home with more storage I need to learn it’s not always wise for me to “stock up.”

On the menu for dinner was breaded and baked chicken breasts with roasted baby red potatoes on the side.  Again, nothing fancy, but I was able to use up some of the herbed stuffing I discovered.


Normally I’ll try purchasing Smart Chicken, but Hy-Vee had some of their chicken on sale and by the time me and my knife were done, the cost savings were worth it. 

Here’s the stuffing (aka breading) I was talking about.  Worked like a charm and added a little crunch to the meal.

These are also something I needed to clean up.

After slicing up the potatoes, I sprinkled them with some Krazy Jane’s pepper mix and tossed with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.  Just the right amount!

Tossed these babies in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes.  I got impatient and was worried the chicken wasn’t cooking through, so I took off the tin foil and cranked the oven up to 375 for another 15 minutes.  Worked like a charm and left the chicken with a little extra crunch I think it would have lacked.

It might not be the most picture perfect dinner, but it tasted great and slowly but surely, I’ll clean up some of those “extras” in the cupboard and fridge!

That’s enough for one day.  We ate way late and I’m exhausted.   

Sweet Dreams!


How often do you “clean up” things in your food stock? 

Are you doing any spring cleaning?



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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning (Out the Cupboards)

  1. I like how your cutting board says “meat” on it. Ha!

    • Haha…I had read somewhere that especially for wooden cutting boards it was best to use one for meat, veggies, nuts and others. So instead of trying to remember, I just took a sharpie to them. I’m not sure having ink in a place I cut raw meat is any better than using the same boards, but oh well…it’s pretty worn at this point. 🙂

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