The Recovery Continues


Morning Run

Good morning so far!  I got in 5 miles at an 8:38 minute pace.  The first few miles were a little painful, as I’m still feeling some soreness from Saturday’s 22 mile run.  By the time I hit 3 miles, most of that went away and I was able to kick it into a 7:45(ish) pace to finish.  Overall, great run! 


Even better, I finished Born to Run!  I still plan to read it because it was great listening to, but I need to have more concentration than when I’m running and letting my mind wander.  It’s already added to the list, though I might consider purchasing it.  I have a feeling I’ll read it more than once and even go back to some of it for motivation and information on ultra-running. 

First, I have to finish the current book, Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.   So far, so good! 


On the note of books (wow, I’m rambling today), have you heard of  It’s a website a friend introduced me to recently.  It’s a great place for book reviews, following what your friends are reading, and for me it means one less spreadsheet.  I can search for all the books on my “to read” list and add them to my online list.  Genius! 


Remember my omelet last week that didn’t really turn out?  And because of that I decided not to snap a photo?  Anyway, today I went for some scrambled eggs and spinach, topped with a little salsa.  The funny thing was it ended up looking more like an omelet than scrambled eggs.  Oh well, it tasted great, nonetheless!


Finished it off quickly, had a glass of milk to take down the vitamins, and hit the road for work…only like 20 minutes later than planned.  The breakfast (and lunch to come) was well worth it!


Tasty salad for lunch!  Nothing too exciting, but it was delicious!



What do you know?  I forgot to take photos at dinner…surprise, surprise.  A had a planned evening with a women’s group at Dos Rios, so after a couple of mojitos and a quesadilla I am ready for bed!

Sweet Dreams, friends!


What are you reading right now?  Anything interesting?



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2 responses to “The Recovery Continues

  1. Amber

    Yum!!! That omelet looks tasty! Good luck at your Marathon!!! Mine is coming up the end of May. Wish I were as fast as you!

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