Catch-Up Weekend

I did not reach my goal of blogging three days in a row, but if I count today as part of last week, at least I can say I blogged three times in one week, right? J 

What a long week at work!  I am SO looking forward to the end of the “busy season.”  I did remember to capture some of this week’s moments and meals, so here is my short update…

Wednesday was just busy, but I had one of my favorite go-to breakfasts.


My mom has made these for us since we were little.  So simple with the microwave, even though I keep telling myself I need to try making my poached egg on the stove.  In the meantime it’s a good idea on those less-creative mornings.

Lunch was another salad and though I added salsa in lieu of dressing, I am still enjoying the non-dressing approach.  I finished off my jar of Papio Baskets and Gifts Black Bean Salsa

On that note, I’m so disappointed.  I went to grab a jar of their regular salsa at the grocery store this week and couldn’t find any!  Admittedly, I didn’t ask anyone as I was in a hurry, but still a disappointment.  I’m trying out the Hy-Vee Organic Mild Salsa.  I recognize everything on the ingredient list, so next step is the taste test.


Anyway, great salad!  Corn, red pepper, and black beans with the salsa and lettuce.  Simple, yet tasty. 


For a snack, another Larabar.  I love these things!


After work GW and I had time for a couple of drinks, which brought out the laziness in me.  Instead of cooking, we opted for Open Sesame, sharing some gyro pizza and chicken kabobs.  Unfortunately I forgot to snap some photos (much to GW’s delight), but that’ll just mean the Des Moines folks will have to check it out for themselves. 

Open Sesame is located in the East Village in the former Baby Boomer’s location and serves up some delicious Lebanese cuisine. 

Thursday was just busy!  I didn’t really get a chance to think about anything other than work.  On to Friday…

Friday is always a bit more chill at work.  We’ve been doing a staff social every Friday morning, taking turns bringing in the meal.  I made a French toast casserole on my turn, we’ve had yummy La Mie pastries, McDonalds cinnamon rolls, and this week (drum roll)…Casey’s breakfast pizza!!  Word on the street is that they’re doing some test deliver sites.  Let’s hope it works out, because GW and I might become their best customers.  Though it might not be the best for either of our bodies. 


I must have been pretty hungry at lunch.  I totally started eating before snapping any photos.  I joined a few friends at Django.  For the first time, I didn’t enjoy my food.  I thought I’d had the wild mushroom crepes before, but either I forgot I wasn’t impressed the first time, they’ve changed them, or I actually never had them.  It certainly won’t stop me from going back, but I’ll avoid the crepes next time.  Since I only ate one of the three crepes, I went straight to dessert…flourless chocolate cake (yum)!

For dinner I really got into the photography.  Nothing too exciting, but we did roasted veggies and salmon for dinner.  Healthy, simple, and quick preparation.

First step, chopping up the vegetables.  I had some mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli, and asparagus in the fridge so I went with the “clean up” method.


Next, I tossed them in a little bit of olive oil and my favorite salt mix, Krazy Jane.  Just adds a little more flavor.



Next was a little mixture of spices to fix up the salmon filets. 


Into the oven it goes!  About 40 minutes at 400 degrees.


Out comes crunchy broccoli, tender asparagus, and perfectly baked salmon. 



Saturday morning means a chance to hit the trails with my running group.  The only difference this week was the amount of miles…22!  A couple of weeks ago, AC and I decided that we should try doing a 22-miler for our last long run before Lincoln

Unfortunately I’ve neglected to do much of the speed work in my plan, which may be the reason for the acid build-up in my legs following the long runs.  To help out recovery, I made myself (with GW’s help) an ice bath.  Ouch!


Second before submersion (and pain)

So cold!!!  Trying my best to keep my legs in the water and keep my hands warm.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying some time on the couch, catching up on some DVR’d shows, and eating some frozen pizza for dinner. 

Here’s to a productive Sunday!


What is your go-to breakfast?

What do you do to recover from long runs?



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