Celebrating My 1/2 Birthday

It’s my half birthday!  I’m not sure if you’re still supposed to celebrate that at the age of 26, but why not, right?  Though I can’t say I have anything special in mind for celebrating.  Maybe some extra chocolate will do!



I think I’m getting sick.  I thought getting outside for my run this morning would help, but the chills, weakness, and occasional nausea are pointing towards a fever.  So in an effort to curb the symptoms, I’m stocking up on vitamin C, green tea, fruits, veggies, and planning on lots of sleep tonight.


Are you a tea person?  Do you like coffee?  I will occasionally drink coffee, but I have a cup of tea almost every day and as you can see from my cupboard at office, I like a variety. J


Green is probably my favorite, but I enjoy the combination of different flavors.  One of these days I’ll get myself into loose leaf team.  There is an excellent shop in the East Village with an entire wall of different teas!  They do tea tastings during certain parts of the year, so I’m hoping they’re going to get started again soon.  Where is this fascinating place you ask?  It’s called Gong Fu and it’s a quaint, relaxing shop on E. 6th Street.


After a long day at work (11+ hour day), I made it to the very end of our New Member Junior League women.  We have a group of about 30 exceptional women who are joining the Junior League of Des Moines this year.  As part of becoming a new member, they chose a class project and will be working with the I Have a Dream Foundation.  I am so pumped to see what they come up with!








Once I finally made it home, it was time for some dinner!  GW had already eaten, so for a quick bite, I kept nibbling away at some homemade honey wheat bread I made about two months ago.  I can’t believe it’s still good, but I’ve kept it in the fridge and it’s best in the toaster, since after this long, it’s not quite the softness it was at first.  I threw on some Smuckers Natural peanut butter and a few sliced strawberries.  Since I don’t have any fruit preserves, jam, or jelly (what is the difference?) right now, it was the best I could come up with; especially since I won’t make it to the grocery store until tomorrow night.








Time for a little catch up on emails and then it’s off to bed for me!  I’ve got 6 miles in the morning and since it looks like there is (sadly) snow coming, I might be stuck inside at the gym and that definitely takes some motivation!

Sweet Dreams!




2 responses to “Celebrating My 1/2 Birthday

  1. If you’re sick, try hot water with a little lemon juice and honey (or honey and a slice of lemon at the bottom of the mug) instead of tea. I like some herbal teas when I am sick too.

    Feel better soon–it seems like I often get sick when the seasons are changing.

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