Back to the Grind…or the Trails

Things have been a little busy, to say the least.  Work is crazy, and it seems as if all my other activities speed up once the new year hits.  It’s made it a little difficult to find time to blog.  I can barely remember to take photos or come up with topics to write about.

Since I last posted in October I think, I finished my first marathon, spent a lot of time following the campaigns and election, spent a ton of time in Cedar Rapids with my family, and watched another year begin.  I expected to take off some time from running, focusing more on swimming, but I have signed up for the May 1 Lincoln Marathon.  I’m on week 9 of training of about 17 weeks.  After a 12 mile run on Saturday, which was painfully done on the treadmill, I am actually looking forward to the 19 miler planned for this weekend outside.

This morning I was able to get outside for a short 4 mile run.  Check out how beautiful the Capitol is in the AM.

It makes me feel so privileged to work in such a beautiful building.

Another highlight of my day…spending some time with the new member of the Junior League of Des Moines.  Since September I have been serving as co-chair of the new member class for Junior League and loving every minute of it.  I’ve had the chance to meet some fantastic women in the Des Moines area and tell them about what a great organization they’ve chosen to volunteer their time.

To check out more information about the organization, go to  It’s not too late to join us for our spring class!  We’ll start another in the fall and we’re always looking for women interested in getting involved in the community.

I hope this isn’t my last post for the week, but for now I’ve got to run like the wind!




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