120 miles and 2 hours later…

I love going back to Cedar Rapids to spend time with my family.  Although it’s a small price to pay, the only downfall is the two-hour drive filled with anticipation and usually boredom.    This drive wasn’t particuarly any different.  I did get some photos with the camera phone, though. 

Of course there is always an attempt to admire the beauty of Iowa.  This happens to be one of the prettiest times of the year in our state, just as we are nearing the changing colors of the fall and the time of harvest. 

I guess there was a bit of excitement on the road.  This mini van spent the majority of their time driving down the center lane, freaking out everyone around them.  Trying to stay safe, I didn’t get a photo until he was just a bit in front of me and sticking to his own lane.  It was sort of like watching my skills on Mario Kart.

Best part of the drive…arriving at home sweet home. 🙂

Yep, that’s right…Jansa Road.  Named after our family.

And the sight that leaves me calm…


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