Des Moines Iowa Club

When I moved to Des Moines, I wanted to stay involved with the University of Iowa Alumni Association.  After attending an organizational meeting with a representative from the Association, I offered my help and support to the Des Moines Iowa Club

I should note, that the Iowa Club is not the same as the I-Club.  The Des Moines Iowa Club is organized by the University of Iowa Alumni Association, while the Polk County I-Club is organized through the University of Iowa Foundation

According to my knowledge the Des Moines Iowa has a prominent past in the Central Iowa area. Back in the 90s, the Des Moines Iowa Club was known as the Golden Circle.  They started hosting an annual job fair for graduates of the University of Iowa.  It was a success and after a quick Google search, it looks like the 20th Annual Golden Circle College Fair is taking place here in Des Moines on October 3.  Well, my understanding is that the job fair continued to grow and eventually was passed onto the Iowa Board of Regents, but I may need to do a little more research, as the current job fair is run by the Iowa College Access Network.  Watch for a future post with more information!

Once the club turned over the job fair, the membership began to dwindle.  Over the past couple of years, the Alumni Association has worked to revitalize the club and they currently hold an event every month and there some events in coordination with Iowa State and UNI alumni groups. 

Since I enjoy getting involved with as many things as I can possibly fit in my schedule, I currently serve as the Des Moines Iowa Club Leader.  While the staff at the Association does most of the work, I get to serve as a contact for the Club, I do my best to keep an eye out for event opportunities, and when I can I try to attend every event I can.  This past week I had the opportunity to answer questions for alumni and interested Des Moines-ites with the Alumni Association at an Open House for the John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center.  The event was meant to highlight all of the University of Iowa programs that are offered in Des Moines.

It was a great event, I met former Governor and First Lady, Bob and Billie Ray, and I got another chance to check out the impressive architecture of the Center.  The Pappajohns were honored and presented with a tribute for their continued support of the University of Iowa.  Unfortunately, the rain kept us from getting a tour of the sculpture garden (something I STILL need to do)!  Nonetheless, it was a lovely event and I was happy I had the opportunity to attend.


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