Getting to Know…Sioux City

This past weekend, I joined a few friends for a trip up to Sioux City.  The point of the trip was to visit our friend, Chris Hall, who is running for State Representative in House District 2. 

We piled into two cars and since I had run 20 miles that morning, I was lucky enough to have a back seat all to myself.  Avoiding leg cramps was key!

Thanks to Chase for driving and for both of them not minding when I drifted off to sleep!

Now I haven’t spent much time in Western Iowa.  Not whenever I do get the opportunity to drive west, I can’t help but become mesmerized by the wind farms.  To see a “wing” drive by on an “oversized” semi truck and then to see it turning in the wind appearing to be no larger than a toothpick is simply incredible.



Check out some information about Iowa’s wind farms at the Iowa Energy Center.

Another treat during the drive to Sioux City was the Loess Hills.  Now, I didn’t realize they went all the way up to Sioux City, so instead of being disappointed as I woke up from nap #2, I was pleasantly surprised and glad I got a chance to snap the next photo.  (Even if it was a bit blurry).


Apparently I slept through the majority of the Loess Hills Scenic Byway…opps!  Just so we all learn something new and fun and don’t think I’m getting too excited about some hills in Iowa, the Loess Hills are a unique land formation created by windblown silt called “loess.”  While there are loess found all over the world, no where other than China are they higher than in Iowa.

Once arriving in Sioux City and finding our way around the maze of streets (and I thought Cedar Rapids was confusing!), we make our way to lunch at a staple of the town, La Juanita.

No website, but I can tell you it is located at 1316 Pierce Street.

After some door-knocking, good conversations with the locals, and a lot of sign assembly, we set out for dinner.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos.  But!  There is good reason.  The food was delicious and the pitchers of Fat Tire and Blue Moon were only $9!!  Where does this fantastic, former comedy club, turned pizza restaurant exist, you ask?  Well, it’s El Fredo’s Pizza located at 523 West 19th Street. 

After a stop at Prince’s (just behind the pizza joint) and Hy-Vee, we were off to a bonfire.  What a great end to the month of August!

Before taking off for Des Moines, we hit up one last staple of Sioux City…Johhnie Mars.

As usual, my eyes were larger than my stomach.  After an omlet and some breakfast potatoes, I enjoyed an amazing slice of apple pie.  Not quite as good as my mom’s, but definitely a top ten slice.  Everyone else at the table enjoyed their strawberry rhubarb pie.  Someone even thought pie mixed with some of the gravy (from the biscuits and gravy enjoyed by our southern patron) would taste great.  Let’s just say the photo wasn’t the only bite they ate.


What a great weekend with good food and good friends.  Stay tuned for more weekend road trips to the corners of the great state of Iowa!


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