Run, Run, Run

What a busy weekend here in Des Moines!  Grant had college friends in town, it was the last weekend of the Iowa State Fair, and as usual, there is never quite enough time to do everything we have planned. 

At the top of my priority list these days is training for the IMT Des Moines Marathon.  This will be my first full marathon and training as gone as well as I could hope for.  Check out a short profile of it in the next Iowa Momentum Endurance Sports Magazine!  Thanks to Dave and Dee Mable – I can’t wait to see it!

Saturday began bright and early with a long run – 19 miles and the longest distance I’ve gone so far.  With all the rain this summer, a lot of the trails are still under water, so I’m limited.  One of the best trails in the area is the Great Western Trail, which begins on Park Avenue at the George Flagg Parkway.  It runs behind the airport and nothing beats watching the fighter jets taking off.  The sound is deafening, yet the path is so peaceful.  Another great amenity is the bathrooms and drinking fountains at the Willow Creek Golf Course along the trail, about 3.5 miles into the run.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a group of women who meet up to run on the weekends and often during the week.  We call ourselves the RED Hot runners.  We have runners at every pace and training from everything from a 5k to the Boston Marathon, from triathlon races to just women with a desire to run with company.  Our group has certainly grown over the past couple of years!  This week, Marzia was gracious enough to join me for 10 of my 19 miles this Saturday, so I ran the 5 miles from my place, did 10 miles with her on the trail, and then ran back. 

I suppose if I can make it through 19, then 26.2 shouldn’t be too difficult!



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4 responses to “Run, Run, Run

  1. desmoinesdem

    I’ve never even run a 5K, but I’ve always heard that if you can run a half-marathon, you can run a marathon.

  2. Larisa

    How’s the rest of the training going?? The half wasn’t as bad as I thought but I definitely didn’t do my best training. I’m thinking about traveling next year for a half…interested??

    • Training is going well! This is my toughest week (5 monday, 10 today, 10 friday, 20 on Saturday), so maybe ask me again next week. 🙂 I would love to travel for a half! Any good ideas? It’s been a while since I’ve looked outside the midwest.

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