Mullets on a Stick

It would not be a complete summer in Des Moines without at least one evening at the Iowa State Fair.  What more could you ask for – fried food on a stick, mullet wigs and non-wig mullets, fair rides, The Dairy Barn (not to be confused with the Dari Barn in Grinnell), the largest vegetables and animals you’ve ever seen, and smells you can only find in Iowa?

The evening began with a stop at the Beechwood.

Followed by a walk up to the bus stop at the Capitol.  Why deal with parking at the State Fair Grounds when you can catch a $2 (round trip) bus ride and not have to worry about that extra $6 Miller Lite?  Moral of the story…”Park n’ Ride!”

So many thing to do at the fair…so we started with food!

Corn Dogs!

Cheese Curds!

Chicken Lips!

After successfully filling our stomaches, we headed to the fair rides.  Word of advice – in the future, rotate that order – rides and THEN food.

I can’t remember if this one was called Thunder, Lighting, Power Surge, or what.  We also hoped on a ride called the Tornado, which was poor judgement on my part.  My stomach spent at least an hour punishing me.  You live and you learn!

Once my stomach settled down, I was able to visit The Dairy Barn for a delicious chocolate shake!

The last part of our evening outing included me running from barn to barn, getting photos of the animals.  Apparently I miss the smelly things and it might be a sign I should get back to Cedar Rapids before the withdrawals get any worse.

We walked through the Cattle Barn where we got a look at the BIG BULL.  Wow was he big!!! 

Then there was my skinny cow.  I couldn’t get over how much his or her bones stuck out!

Next, I wanted to check out the hog barn, or swine barn, as I was later corrected.  Unfortunately, the hogs are switched out in the middle of the week for goats, so I missed the Hereford Hog.  Why was I looking for the specific hog, you ask?  I found out about a year ago while randomly searching Google for family tree information that my great-grandfather, John C. Schulte, created the Hereford Hog.  “Herefords were created from a cross of Duroc-Jersey and Poland China hogs by John C. Schulte of Norway, Iowa, around 1920.”  So, while I didn’t get to see a Hereford, I did get to see the Big Boars of the year.

Big D and Tiny (I’m not sure which name is more appropriate)

On the way out of the fair, I couldn’t help but notice the large sign that could only be found at the Iowa State Fair.  Where else could you find a Hot Beef Sundae? 

Next Year’s Iowa State Fair Goals:

  • Go more than one day
  • Rides and THEN food
  • Find the Hereford Hog!!
  • Try a hot beef sundae

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